IT - outsourcing

Our company offers the following outsourcing services:

The implementation of the Service Desk in the company creates a single point of contact for users and incident management. This helps to resolve the incident more quickly, restore the full ability of the employee or process to perform its functions with minimal negative consequences for the business.

With the help of Service Desk in your company the controllability of the following processes increases:

  • Reception and registration of all user requests, user identification and obtaining the necessary information upon contact;
  • Classification of user appeals;
  • Advising users, resolving incidents and fulfilling inquiries;
  • Mass notification of employees in case of major incidents.

The use of Service Desk not only optimizes the management of IT resources, improves the quality of service and customer satisfaction, but also reduces staff costs, improves the organization of business processes, as a result – increases the competitiveness of the company.

By providing the Service Desk Outsourcing service, Green Light Corporate Solutions offers your business the opportunity to:

– use the Service without investing in the acquisition and implementation of the System, the purchase of infrastructure equipment necessary for its integration;

– to avoid the costs of finding, selecting, training and retaining specialists for the reception and processing of applications;

– reduce incident resolution time, downtime of business processes and equipment, and as a result, reduce possible financial losses and negative consequences for business;

– collect and analyze incident statistics, which will allow the internal or external IT service to identify the causes of incidents in order to prevent their recurrence.

Users are one of the main drivers of any business process, regardless of their level of automation. The efficiency and quality of solving users’ problems directly affects the efficiency of operational activities and the success of any project.

Offered IT support services for users:

  • Service Desk integration;
  • Incident resolution, providing advice to users;
  • Support for operating systems, business applications and additional software;
  • Workplace equipment support;
  • Workplace data management;
  • Workplace software update management;
  • Antivirus protection of workstations.

Outsourcing the branch network service is the optimal solution for companies with regional offices. Significant time spent on finding, training and retaining employees, the difficulty of quickly closing the vacancy, and the lack of budgets to create a human resource reserve divert significant company resources. Such high costs with the usual low level of workload of IT specialists in the regions make the use of their own IT staff inefficient, and the management of dozens of contractors in the field is administratively complex and non-transparent.

Green Light Corporate Solutions specialists will ensure high quality management of IT services, stable performance of IT systems and workplaces in each of the offices of your business, as well as guarantee the prompt execution of tasks within projects for modernization and development of IT infrastructure.

Offered IT support services:

  • Service Desk integration;
  • Audit and inventory of IT infrastructure of branches;
  • Management and support of telecommunication, server-network and engineering infrastructure of branches;
  • Incident resolution, providing advice to users;
  • Support for operating systems, business applications and additional software;
  • Installation, relocation, maintenance of workplace equipment;
  • Workplace data management;
  • Workplace software update management;
  • Anti-virus protection of workstations;
  • Work on modernization of IT systems of branches;
  • Repair, maintenance of computer and office equipment, replacement of consumables, coordination of warranty repairs.

Your success and competitiveness directly depend on the efficiency of the Information Systems (IS) and IT infrastructure.

Offered IT support services:

  • Management of server equipment, storage systems and
    data backup;
  • Data network management;
  • System and network administration;
  • Telephony management;
  • Management of e-mail system, corporate portals and web-sites;
  • Management and support of specialized intra-corporate applications;
  • Print and copy management;
  • Infrastructure monitoring.

The need to automate the numerical processes of business leads to a constant increase in the number of various analytical and reporting systems, macros, etc. Implemented new solutions often have to be supplemented with their own developments or components to ensure full synchronization with the existing business model. Mergers and acquisitions also pose additional challenges to integrate functionality and support existing applications.

Maintaining in-house specialists with the competencies to support such diverse and sometimes somewhat outdated systems and modules is becoming an increasingly difficult task for the company. Programmers do not develop and do not see professional growth in supporting limited functional and non-business critical applications, so they try to move to software development companies.

The business is becoming dependent on existing employees as it becomes more and more difficult to hire a new broad-based specialist who is able to understand, maintain and develop such diverse applications.

To focus your company’s IT professionals on the development of the most business-generating and critical systems, Green Light Corporate Solutions offers support, optimization and development services for in-house applications, which include:

  • Audit and documentation of existing applications;
  • Maintenance, support and development of code, client part and application databases;
  • Maintenance, support and updates of servers that provide applications and databases.

The manufacturer’s standard warranty on IT infrastructure components (servers, network equipment, UPS) guarantees only the repair of a single device, but does not provide the efficiency you need to restore the business or its services.

Shutdown of business processes due to equipment failure can lead to loss of critical data, loss of customers and losses, as well as lost trust in the company. One of the ways to achieve the continuity of your business is to sign a service contract with a guaranteed recovery time of the equipment with the company “Green Light Corporate Solutions”.

“Green Light Corporate Solutions” guarantees prompt recovery of server and network equipment, or providing a replacement within the period agreed with the customer. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) for each component of the IT infrastructure is determined by the critical impact of the service it supports on the company’s business processes and is fixed in the contract.

The effectiveness and efficiency of our contracts is ensured by the availability and support of a huge number of spare parts and replacement equipment, which significantly reduces the time to resolve the incident.

Supported equipment brand portfolio: APC, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Fortinet, Hitachi Vantara, Oracle, Tripp-Lite, Grandstream, Samsung and others.

The developed regional network of service partners allows us to provide support throughout Ukraine, including district centers and small settlements.

Outsourcing of document printing processes allows for effective management of the peripheral equipment fleet and concentration of IT resources on strategic development issues. Professional management of your office equipment fleet, its repairs and maintenance, organization of supply of consumables and provision of unified reporting frees up significant time and financial resources of the company.

The company receives modern high-tech devices, pays only for actually printed copies and does not incur fixed costs for the purchase of equipment and difficult to predict the amount of consumables or spare parts. Unification of service prices throughout Ukraine allows you to easily and transparently forecast and manage the cost of IT budget for office printing.

The developed regional network of service partners allows us to provide high-quality operational support with the required level of SLA (Service Level Agreement) for each regional, district center and small settlements.

Offered services of IT-Outsourcing of office printing systems and service:

  • Service Desk integration;
  • Audit and inventory of the park of peripheral equipment of the central office and branches;
  • Selection and outsourcing of printing equipment according to the technical specifications, specifics of business processes or corporate standards of the customer;
  • Incident resolution, providing advice to users;
  • Support of constant availability of expendables at the customer;
  • Repair, maintenance of outsourced office equipment, replacement of consumables;
  • Integration of control and management systems for printing, user rights and their identification from the world’s leading manufacturers (HP Access Control, YSoft SafeQ);
  • Repair, maintenance of office equipment of the customer, delivery of expendables.

One way to maximize the efficiency of a company is to transfer some of the work, costs and risks associated with staff beyond it.

IT Outstaffing involves removing from your company part of the responsibility in relation to employees (personnel and accounting administration) and the transfer of such responsibility to a special outstaffer company. Technically, this is the transfer of your IT staff to Green Light Corporate Solutions, while retaining their positions, responsibilities and physical jobs. The customer continues to manage the actual activities of IT staff, the decision to hire, develop, motivate or dismiss them.

The financial effect is achieved by reducing costs and workload on the human resources department and accounting, in addition, there is no need to expand the staff of these departments in case of need to increase the number of IT specialists of the company.

Outstaffing is relevant for your company in the case of:

  • If there is a need to operate in other cities with the involvement of local employees without registration of a separate branch or representative office;
  • The need to reduce the company’s staff, while maintaining all internal services and competencies at the previous level;
  • The need to change the legal status of the company in connection with the possible expansion of the staff;
  • The need to adapt trainees and staff during the probationary period.