Rating calculation

Rating calculation

Ratings calculation of financial and economic indicators of enterprises

Our company (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) specializes in rating calculation, which is one of the rating tasks. Advantages of our company:

ratings are calculated promptly (during the day),
the complexity of the calculations is practically unlimited.
Input information – the base that the Customer provides for rating. Confidentiality of commercial (personal) data is ensured by using the Customer’s internal identifiers for data (i.e. information about the EDRPO, company name, etc. remains with the Customer). Checking the input information for integrity (lack of duplicates, etc.) is provided by the Contractor during the preparation of the terms of reference (TOR). Data volumes, indicators, nominations (including total), calculation methodology, structure of the output base are agreed upon at the stage of TK compilation. TK is made according to the template without significant labor costs.

The output is a formed base with ratings. Testing (if necessary) is carried out jointly with the Contractor.

We can also provide the Customer with services in:

assessment of segments of activity of subjects,
the definition of goals and criteria for rating (nominations, indicators, criteria),
presentation of results in the form of TOP ratings,
building OLAP repositories and queries for business intelligence.

Rating is a comprehensive indicator that reflects the subject’s position among similar entities based on an assessment of one or more parameters. As a result, the leading entities included in the TOP ranking receive the corresponding characteristics:

Group of places: Gold, Silver, Bronze;
Ranking place.
The rating results of enterprises characterize their position and can determine the prospects for the development of the enterprise in a competitive environment.

Environmental characteristics are determined by group rating criteria (for enterprises: OKED, size of the enterprise, region, OPF, etc.; for company employees: department, number and complexity of tasks, effectiveness, innovation, etc.)

Rating Goals:

objectively evaluate the activities of the enterprises under study and determine the best representatives of the national economy (objectively evaluate the activities and determine the best employees (departments));
increase market transparency for its participants;
provide objective information about enterprises for:
internal use (management decisions),
external use (attracting investors, the state, banks, insurance companies, the media, etc.)
public recognition of performance and achievements.
Functions for using rating results:

analytical (the basis for the analysis of market trends, the competitive environment, the search for free niches, setting goals for development, etc.),
stimulating (motivates enterprises to improve positions),
intermediary (base for attracting and searching for potential partners, investors, customers),
control (verification of the achievement of the goals of the enterprise).
The main stages of rating:

assessment of segments of activity of subjects,
definition of goals and rating criteria (nominations, indicators, criteria),
collection and primary processing of information,
presentation of results in the form of TOP ratings.