IT – audit

IT – audit

IT audit

Your company has Information Systems (IS). But are you sure that these IPs are used to the maximum of their capabilities? Do all employees’ applications or devices work flawlessly and allow them to execute their KPIs? None of the users have problems with “freezing” for 10-20 minutes of the accounting system or Excel with the loss of important data?

And most importantly, does your company receive some kind of added value and new opportunities (Value) from investments and expenses in the column “Information Technology Budget”? Does your IP service have a developed IT strategy that is based on the goals and strategies of your business? Does your company have a plan of action in case of a cyber attack or infrastructure failure that will allow you to quickly restore the company and not incur large losses?

An expert assessment of the state of your IP, whether any changes are needed, when and in what will help solve these important issues. An action plan prepared by specialists will increase the readiness of your IP to ensure the continuity of business processes without investing in an excessive “safety margin”.

An IT audit from Green Light Corporate Solutions will give you information about the real state of your IT environment with the necessary details (networks, server and network equipment, applications), what potential points of failure exist in your IT infrastructure, and how to increase productivity IT systems.

Based on your current or strategic goals of the company, our experts will provide IT Consulting services, which will result in:

  • Assessment of the compliance of existing IP with the tasks and plans that are set by the company in the short and medium term;
  • A ready-made plan of recommendations for improving the efficiency of Information Systems, optimizing their use and costs;
  • The strategy of gradual change / transformation of IP, which correlates with the corresponding stage of development of your company. This plan allows you to spread in time and pre-reserve the company’s IT budgets in accordance with the stages of the implementation of your business strategy;
  • A plan of action during cyberattacks and other disruptions, a proactive plan of defense against cyberattacks, and a plan for crisis communications.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all data received from the customer by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the customer before the audit.