Cloud services

Cloud services

Cloud services

The development dynamics of modern markets requires businesses to switch to effective structural models that will quickly provide the required level of flexibility, mobility, reliability and consolidation. This technology has become Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing). The statistics clearly show how business in advanced countries is increasingly migrating to the clouds – fully or partially transferring its services, data or capacities to the resources of various cloud structures. Data from research company IDC show the growth of the cloud computing market by 226% over the past 4 years. Such outstanding indicators clearly indicate that the business has already chosen a vector for the further development of its IT.

Reasons to choose Cloud computing as your platform for IT facilities and services:
Significantly reduced investment and costs

Due to the huge reduction in investment costs for hardware and software infrastructure, the transition to cloud resources gives the highest and fastest return on investment. The costs of maintenance, repair and maintenance of the equipment fleet are minimized, as the cloud provider fully assumes responsibility for the continuous operation of the leased facilities. Losing the need for investment in “safety margin”, because paid

Cost optimization

The decision to switch to Cloud computing allows you to transfer capital costs to operational. As a result, financial indicators become more transparent, and the need for periodic equipment purchases, maintenance and updating is completely eliminated. This enables the company’s management to focus on issues of strategy and development, as well as more efficiently use financial and human resources to solve

Flexibility and scalability

The transfer of corporate capacities by the business to cloud resources allows any time to use exactly the infrastructure that it needs at this moment and scale it on demand to support rapidly changing workloads. Operations to reduce-increase leased capacities occur almost instantly, so your company will always receive the necessary amount of resources at the right time and at the optimal cost.


Providers regularly update the fleet of software and equipment, so you will always use the most modern technologies, and your business will become even more mobile, affordable and advanced. The development, testing and launching of new software products in the cloud requires significantly less investment and allows them to be brought to the market much faster.

Reliability, fault tolerance

The hardware structure of the cloud is a fault-tolerant system with redundancy of at least N + 1 of all components – computing systems, switches and storage systems. The certified TIER-III data center guarantees the availability of services at the level of 99.98%, which is ensured by duplication of absolutely all systems in the Data Center and significantly exceeds the level of fault tolerance of the customer’s own infrastructure.

Data protection

TIER-III data centers are located in an isolated protected area with a multi-level access system. To store client data in the cloud, advanced virtualized storage systems are used – DELL Compellent, HP 3PAR. Such systems provide the highest level of data protection in the industry. Encryption of the communication channel through the VPN will provide the proper level of security, wherever your office is located.

Disaster Recovery. (Disaster Recovery)

The cloud has an undeniable advantage when it is necessary to create uninterrupted functioning of the infrastructure and ensure disaster recovery in the event of a targeted information attack on a business. You can create a duplicate site in another city or country (with subsequent replication of all objects and data) in a matter of minutes.

Our services

o IaaS – rental of public cloud resources in the European Data Center at the TIER-III level. We are ready to study your needs, select the most optimal configuration of resources in the cloud and ensure smooth migration of your data for business and users.

o SaaS – license rental for MS Exchange, MS Lync, Office365 and others. If necessary, you can rent the licenses of the most popular products, this will save money and always use the most current version.

o Build a private cloud on request. If you need full control and security protocols and your company’s business processes require physical isolation of all the cloud resources used, we are ready to help build an individual (private) cloud for your future infrastructure. You can count on project support from our side and assistance in the deployment of equipment to a state of full readiness for launch.

o Colocation – the acquisition of equipment by DELL, HP and other leading manufacturers, with further deployment in Europe. We are ready to provide a full range of consulting services, as well as financial programs with deferred payments. You can also count on our project support for the purchase of equipment in Europe and assistance in its deployment to the state of readiness for operation.

o Rental of physical servers, storage, network equipment. For certain tasks, renting one / several physical servers or storage systems of leading manufacturers will be a profitable and effective solution.

o Additional services – assistance in migration to the cloud, VoIP, Site Recovery Management, system administration and support. Assistance in phased planning of the processes of transferring your capacities, applications, data to the cloud platform, various backup and recovery plans for data, servers in emergency cases.

Since the transfer of corporate services, applications or the entire infrastructure to the Cloud can vary from a simple reconfiguration to a complete reorganization, we offer a flexible, individual approach to migration to cloud resources with initial testing and support at each stage of the transition.