IT – outsourcing

IT – outsourcing

IT - outsourcing

Quality improvement of internal IT services (user support or business applications), their scalability, as well as the maximum effect of the Information Technologies implemented by the company, can be achieved by partially or completely transferring IT processes to Outsourcing.

Attracting “external” IT-specialists to work in short-term projects, to improve the quality of individual IT-services or transferring to them all the processes associated with the implementation and maintenance of information systems of the entire enterprise, will give you a measurable financial result and the rapid growth of your competitive advantages.

Green Light Corporate Solutions IT Outsourcing Services is a tool for solving your company’s business tasks “where necessary”, “when necessary”, “on time” and “with optimal cost”.

Optimal management of business processes and services


lack of obstacles in achieving results

Reduce crashes and downtime


minimization of financial losses

In your business, there is a need to attract IT outsourcing company specialists if:

own IT staff is exclusively engaged in dealing with incidents, does not act as a business partner, does not help its development and does not offer innovations;
own IT staff is often in idle / standby incidents, and during peak periods, on the contrary, there are not enough “hands”;
there is dissatisfaction with the quality / deadlines for solving problems or insufficient competence of individual divisions of the company’s IT service (user support or IT infrastructure, project management, etc.);
there was a need to quickly attract additional IT specialists to implement projects for a limited period without increasing the permanent staff;
there is a constant leak of IT-specialists in software companies or competitors;
during the existence of your business, various internal corporate applications (analytical, reporting systems, modules) have been introduced, the support and development of which can be carried out only by a limited number of internal IT specialists, there is no documentation on the administration and support of these applications. In this case, there are risks of a business critical and toxic to business depending on its performance on specific performers;
there is a constant development of business, including those associated with entering new markets, the branch network is expanding, business processes are becoming more complicated and automated, which leads to the constant transformation of the company’s information systems;
the IT infrastructure of your business consists of a large number of components — business applications, communication services, server and storage infrastructure, information security systems, network and engineering infrastructure — which requires a wide staff qualification profile and a systematic approach to IP management.

Benefits of Switching to IT Outsourcing
The business as a whole receives:
  • guaranteed time to resolve incidents with contractual financial obligations of the service provider, as well as prompt parallel resolution of several incidents that have occurred simultaneously;
  • high quality of solving diverse problems that are not limited by the competence of one or several specialists, due to the access to the expert environment of an external team that regularly manages various IT-environments and processes;
The financial manager receives:
  • significant reduction of the company’s costs for attracting, motivation, tax and social payments (taxes on salary, sick leave, vacation pay, social insurance) associated with its own IT staff;
  • the lack of costs for providing IT-specialists with equipment, tools, software and jobs.
HR service receives:
  • no need to search for IT specialists with a wide profile with a budget limited to the implementation of rather narrow tasks;
  • reduction of the search and development of methods of non-financial motivation of their own IT staff to retain in the state with the current trend of a constant outflow of IT specialists in software development companies;
  • lack of the need for constant monitoring of competencies, as well as investments in additional training for IT specialists to maintain their knowledge at the current level for the company and the market.
The head of the IT department receives:
  • the ability to transfer current routine tasks and services to external specialists with guaranteed quality of execution, focusing on the management, selection and integration of solutions to achieve constant technological leadership by the company;
  • to focus the most experienced in-house IT specialists on generating innovations, introducing new technologies and using them as project managers to automate business processes;
Why us?

Becoming a Green Light Corporate Solutions partner, you additionally receive:


preliminary IT audit of outsourced IP or processes;


controlled, professional, scalable support and manageability of the transferred part or the entire IT environment of your company;


Elements of IT Consulting that can be used to achieve business continuity and processes;


recommendations and implementation of additional automation of business processes, development of existing information and analytical systems;


incident analysis, on the basis of which a user knowledge base is created, recommendations on the need to improve individual information systems or on the need for additional staff training;


the ability to quickly expand the branch network: open new offices, shops, warehouses and quickly integrate them into a common IT system;


the same high level of services in all branches and branches, regardless of territorial location.