IT – Consulting

IT – Consulting

IT - Consulting

Green Light Corporate Solutions provides comprehensive IT consulting services aimed at optimizing business processes and creating an effective and flexible IT infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure the continuity of IT-processes for our customers, increase the productivity of IT-services and reduce costs during the development of Information Systems.

Our task is to help our clients choose the technological strategies that suit his business and, at the same time, coordinate them with their business strategies or business processes. Our research and recommendations help the customer assess their IT needs, relying on the business strategy of their company and formulate plans for the implementation or scaling of their systems.

Operational evaluation / benchmarking involves a number of expert evaluations that evaluate the operational efficiency and capacity of the existing IT environment of the client. This service supports or develops IT initiatives of customers, providing strategic, architectural, operational planning of implementation or the necessary transformation of IT.

The result of these studies will be:

understanding by the client of the conformity of his IT environment and infrastructure and applications to the tasks and plans that are set by the company in the short, medium and long term;
a ready-made plan of recommendations for improving the efficiency of business processes and optimizing the use of IT infrastructure;
a strategy of gradual change / transformation of the IT infrastructure that allows you to have an IT environment that is optimally suited to the current stage of development of the company. This plan allows you to spread in time and pre-reserve the company’s IT budgets in accordance with the stages of implementing the customer’s business strategy.

Our experts will give you the opportunity to get answers to the following questions:
  • Determine the level at which the ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure, as well as its effectiveness and adequacy;
    Recommendations on how to optimize the costs of updating enterprise information systems, the costs of IT solutions within the company;
    To increase the productivity of the company’s business processes, including with recommendations for their automation;
    To increase the manageability and transparency of all processes occurring in the enterprise’s activities by consolidating the capabilities of the existing IT infrastructure;
    Determine the degree of data protection and the costs of such protection;
    The state of communications of the enterprise, to offer options to increase their effectiveness;
    Determine the productivity of the company’s full-time IT specialists;
    Determine the performance of already installed software and provide information on the need or possibilities for its modernization.

All our services are aimed at only one thing – increasing the maturity level of your IT processes, the quality of IT infrastructure and applications, bringing it into line with the demands of a modern, dynamic business. Understanding the partnership of business and IT, the formation of an effective and modern IT-environment of the company is the key to your success!